Exercise & bathroom breaks

If you've got a long workday, an even longer commute or a puppy then you need a dog walker! No more rushing home to let them out or guilt about keeping them cooped up all day.


Put Alpha's dog walking expertise to work for you! Over the past we've partnered with many pet parents to pottytrain their puppies with excellent results.

Our housebreaking methods are simple and effective. We'll plan a routine based on your daily schedule and dog's needs. We'll report your pup's progress daily and recommend adjustments if needed.

Happy puppy + dry floors = happy parents

Weight Loss

We'll help your dog go from stout to svelte in no time! Overweight dogs are more susceptible to serious health problems. A few extra trips around the neighborhood today can mean a longer, healthier life and fewer trips to the vet!

Special Needs & Seniors

If your dog is recovering from surgery, has a chronic condition or is just getting older they may have limited mobility requiring the kind of patience & expertise only a professional dog walker can provide. We're happy to act as their seeing eye dog.

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